▶ What is robotics education?
- Robotics education program is designed to help students learn the principles of robotics, robot technology and fundamentals of applied engineering. Its hands-on curriculum delivers organized, well-structured content.

▶ Focus
- Robotics Education Programs
① elementary, middle schools with intensified instruction in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
The use of robots in education provides clear and logical links between theory and practice.
② High schools with robotics programs in the field of applied engineering
(E.g. Vocational Technical schools).
③ University: Computer science, Robotics Technology, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and other engineering disciplines

▶ What is a teaching assistant robot?
- Robots that can be used in kindergarten and elementary schools for teaching assistance.
Robot provides a combination of traditional face-to-face classroom methods with more modern online activities.
Robots can be used in education in a variety of ways and for a multitude of purposes (camps, classes, labs, workshops and so on)

▶ Focus
① Kindergarten children (5~7 years old): learning curriculum using emotional robots
② Elementary schools: Tele-presence robots teach children
③ Private language and tutoring schools: Robots teach foreign language or tutor children
④ Nursery

▶ What is robot platform?
- Robust robot with a verstile concept, safe to use and easy to upgrade. CRX10 is a powerful learning tool that aims to address the needs of educational organizations that offer robotics programs and researchers or advanced users in robust, safe and easy to use robot platform.

▶ Focus
① Solution-based business model enterprises (communication, IT)
② Robot-related technology or robot research labs, engineering labs and social science research institutes
- MIT, KAIST, ETRI, Korea Product Technology Institute
③ Robot platforms for advanced use
④ Robot platforms for elderly care
⑤ Robot platforms for entertainment and assistance
⑥ Robot platforms for personal use

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